What’s up?!

So if you want to know what’s up, here it is. Let’s see what people have been looking at over the past 24 hrs.

First, where are they from?

Where are they from?

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Most of our visitors are from English speaking countries, especially the US. However, we do get visitors from countries where English is a common second language, especially Europe.

Let’s see what the hottest categories and puns are:

Categories and Posts

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One Liners is usually a popular category. The popular puns really depend on seasonality (holidays always bring out the punnier sides of people) as well as on current events.

It’s interesting to note that the category archives are also quite popular, not just individual posts. In fact, here’s a chart showing the types of pages that are most popular. You can see that tags and categories are really the most popular pages here.

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And lastly, but certainly not least, here’s what the traffic looked like over the past 24 hrs.

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You can see the busy hours of the day here.  On most days, we are busiest just after people have arrived at work, and a few hours before they go home.  Looks like people are getting their pun fix at work!

Enjoy. ;)

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