The Chair Tribe

There was a tribe in Africa which was very fierce and warring…they would battle all the tribes in the area, and they always won. As a victory trophy, they would take the throne of the chief of the defeated tribe and carry it home, chanting victory chants and singing the whole way. When they got […]

The Monks and Their Little Shop of Horrors

There once was a small town in which lived a group of monks. These monks, having need of money to fund their monastary, decided to open up a flower shop. Well the rest of the townspeople were very pleased at first, since they hadn’t had a flower shop before. However, some people became concerned when […]

Light Bulbs

A manufacturer of electric light bulbs was talking to the owner of a theater. “I’d like to supply you with bulbs for your marquee,” the manufacturer said, “and it won’t cost you a penny. It will enable me to realize a lifelong ambition.” “If I accept the free bulbs,” the curious theater manager asked, “will […]

Little Bunny Foo Foo

(Many of you might know the song, but may not remember that this is a pun with a moral.  This is a classic that you can sing to your kids. ) Little Bunny Foo Foo Hopping through the forest, Scooping up the field mice And bopping them on the head. And down, down, down came […]