The Harpy

A much-maligned character of Greek mythology, a harpy (who is half predatory bird, half woman) was flying cautiously along the precipice of a cliff, wistfully gazing at the yew forests which grew at the foot of the sheer granite. Her once-remarkable sensory powers were dulled by countless millennia. In her prime, she could clearly visualize […]

The Chair Tribe

There was a tribe in Africa which was very fierce and warring…they would battle all the tribes in the area, and they always won. As a victory trophy, they would take the throne of the chief of the defeated tribe and carry it home, chanting victory chants and singing the whole way. When they got […]

The Monks and Their Little Shop of Horrors

There once was a small town in which lived a group of monks. These monks, having need of money to fund their monastary, decided to open up a flower shop. Well the rest of the townspeople were very pleased at first, since they hadn’t had a flower shop before. However, some people became concerned when […]

Caesar the Bull

A Wyoming rancher had a bull named Caesar who was getting he decided to sell him on the auction market. The only problem was that the nearest railroad was miles away and across across a river that hadn’t yet been bridged. Since Caesar had grown somewhat crotchety in his old age the rancher organized […]